Channels Manager

Distribution Management

You can distribute availability, prices and restrictions across multiple online sales channels from one single screen.

Channels Manager gives you a two-way connectivity. This means than the incoming reservation are stored on it and can be sent to your PMS/CRS directly through a standard XML interface or they can be integrated in real time to our Cloud PMS.

You can manage in the same way, one single hotel or an hotels chain only with one user.

Main Features

  • Sales products and packages management and distribution across your activated channels.
  • Price and availability distribution from one single screen and online update of the agency extranets with only one click.
  • Restrictions like close to arrival / departure, minimum length of stay, early booking, etc; can be set as appropriate by product/package and channel.
  • Any kind of promotions and their allocation to product / package / channel can be managed in an easy and automatic way.
  • Stop sell assignment by products / channels with one single click.
  • Incoming reservations are stored in a repository and can be sent via email or interfaced to your PMS / CRS through an XML interface or directly to Cloud PMS.
  • Fully integrated to Web Booking Engine, Call Center and the rest of your direct channels. In that way, revenue managers can design a complete sales strategy from one single software tool.


  • Easy management of rate parity.
  • Boost business visibility.
  • Fast new sales channel incorporation.
  • Operative costs reduction: two-way connectivity.
  • Reliable running of all connections.
  • Minimum “time-to-market” for your sales decisions.
  • Decrease manual errors and increase services quality.
  • Reduced implementation and operative costs.
  • Predictable sales costs: one single monthly fee independent of number of actived channels or reservations processed.
  • Built with the user in mind: easy to use and minimum training to work.
  • Available from any place and any time.


  • All sales channels are managed from one single point..
  • XML protocol, OTA standards compliant.
  • All software services are integrated to our Cloud PMS.
  • With XML standard interface for other PMS.
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