Web Booking Engine


Grow direct business on your hotel website

You can transform your website to the most powerful, easy-to-use and effective sales channel. With the highest capability to convert lookers to bookers.

It blends easily in your own web without losing you URL, new open windows neither a different style. The sales process is fully customizable to your preferences.

And if you need a complete website development, we can help you. We develop an engaging and professional  portal for your business and host it with all guarantees of a reliable performance.


  • Sales products, packages, complementary services and third-part activities management. Complete multi-language descriptions and photos galleries.
  • Multi-currencies rates and availability distribution, fully integrated to Channels Manager.
  • Definition of policies like cancelations, payments, etc.; and sales restrictions like minimum stay, early booking, extra charges or discounts by product and date.
  • All kind of promotions (early booking, nights of stay, number of pax, board status, etc.) and their easy link to products / dates.
  • Close / Open sales features by product / all and by channel / all.
  • Interconnected to any OTA / XML compliant PMS / CRS. And fully integrated to our Cloud PMS.
  • Offer preferential rates and special sales conditions with Promo Codes for frequent travelers.
  • Multi-product, multi-hotel, multi-stay sales process under one-stop shop principle.
  • You can refer to a single product or promotion from any point of the website in order to create special promotions pages or highlight them at the home page.
  • User can modify or cancel a booking from the website.
  • Can be integrated with any web analytic tool to check booking engine performance.
  • Automatic email response to new, modified or cancelled booking. With customizable and multi-language email formats.
  • Integrated to EFT systems like Paypal or Credit Card payments.


  • Booking process with easy upselling products, dynamic packing and cross-selling add-ons.
  • Boost direct bookings and brand recognition.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency and unlimited content.
  • Booking engine for each hotel microsite included into hotels chain monthly fee.
  • Agent and corporates access for those that cannot work with online XML connectivity.
  • Minimum implementation costs.
  • Predictable sales cost: one single monthly fee independent of the number of reservations processed and their revenue.
  • Easy-to-use and minimum training.
  • Available from any place and any time.


  • Seamless interface with PMS / CRS for bookings. And fully integrated with Cloud PMS.
  • Native integration with Channels Manager

Web Booking Engine for mobile devices

“On the go” bookings

If you want your customers can surf on your site using a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and they can book your products and increase your revenues, we give you the key: a booking process fully adapted to every mobile device automatically.


  • Instant availability without downloads.
  • Fully compliant with all mobile devices.
  • Immediate software update.
  • Working with the browser as the same way as your website.
  • Customer can not delete the app because there is not any download.
  • But if you want develop your own app, there are web services to embed seamless the mobile web engine in it.
  • Less expensive and easy to implement.

Main features

  • You can setup the mobile booking engine like an independent sales channel or you can link it to the web booking engine in order to offer the same products, rates, availabilities and promotions.
  • Fully integrated with Channels Manager.
  • Booking process built to ensure the best possible experience  on any mobile devices of the market.
  • With access capability to user’s bookings for modification or cancellation.
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